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Writing about writing?

I figured I’d start a blog regarding my game’s day-to-day progress. Mostly because writing keeps me sane… I guess that’s a bit backwards, since writing the game itself drives me insane, but as the cliché goes, “it floats my boat”. Logging progress is also a good self-motivator to keep up said progress, as a few psychologists have proved and disproved.

By the way, I had a 3 ounce serving of lemonade. In a tea cup. At 4:20 in the morning. Because I could.

Anyway, much of this morning and last night was spent re-structuring the debug menu and changing the rollback mechanic. (For those of you aspiring to work on your own independent project, that is how you say “I fixed something”.) As the game is a psychological horror, keeping the gameplay realistic is very important, even if the story itself is not. Visual Novels however, lend themselves to a feature called “rollback” – by scrolling up on your mouse wheel/trackpad (or through some other equivalent gesture), you may view previous text or even change previous choices.

… In what universe is that realistic? There are of course, some Visual Novels where you can rollback but not to previous choices. But as part of this game is a Ren’Py experiment, we might as well give the player the choice.

Change Rollback Mode (alpha)

Alpha screenshot of the Preferences box

Clicking that choice brings you to this menu:

Hard choice (alpha)

A bad selection screen (alpha)

The code that changes the way rollback works is very simple because Ren’Py builds in a function. In other words, I just have to tell Ren’Py (at every say and choice screen) to be ready to stop the player from being able to rollback. It should be noted that calling this function also makes it impossible to rollback to before the call.

Screen code (alpha)

Screen code (alpha)

Yadda yadda yadda. I should also point out that enabling rollback during the combat scenes breaks things (more on that later), so that was hard-disabled. The major changes to the debug menu really involves most of the menus so you can’t open a menu while in a menu while opening a menu while in a menu while… you get the idea.

I also gave Rin Faust a little more text in the wiki. Yay!


P.S. New build goes out tomorrow.