Monthly Archives: November 2014

Project Exist 0.2.6b (1053)

Today marks the first 0.2.6b release. That’s important because I said so.


Game Engine/UI:

  • PlaceholderX is now present in the engine, and is used.
  • We modified Shiz’s doublespeak – the version in this build can be found here.
  • An issue with Robert/Rin was fixed.

Rin: Happy Halloween

Oh. Hello.

I think that all of you have had your share of candy. Even though you haven’t really done anything to earn it. Perhaps I should make your insides disappear, and put the candy back where it belongs?

October is a strange time on the streets. The plastic werewolves and the orange lights come out of hiding. They don’t scare me, though. It’s easy to send things like them into the sky, and watch them fall… fall to the ground and crash into scattered colors.

What’s really strange though is how people behave. I wonder if sugar makes people angry? A man with a hood walked up to me and pointed something at me and started screaming… screaming about a van. But I didn’t know what it was. So I took his hand away.

As I held his hand in my hands he began to cry, holding onto his wrist. And I laughed. He wanted me to fear him, but now he feared me. Was it because of what was in his hands?

I held “it” the way he did, and pointed it at him. Then he howled, and that hurt my ears. I clenched my fists, and suddenly there was red.  A bright and crimson red. And he stopped… crying. The way to make people be quiet… this is what I learned this Halloween.