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A or B? Why not Both? Project Exist 0.2.6b (1056)

I’m a strong believer in redundancy – in other words, decreasing the number things that could possibly go wrong. One of the more behind-the-scenes changes is that we now have Python functions that use Ren’Py labels.

Labels are faster to write and somewhat curiously, Characters and functions¬†use the same namespace, but functions and labels don’t. So we’ve done something like the following:

Functions and Labels at work

Functions and Labels at work

#both of these will work
call triple_min(2)#calls label
$ triple_min(2)#calls python function


  • Use the in-game updater to get 1056 – Gateway Mirrors

Game Engine/UI:

  • Doublespeak has been further fixed to work with rollback
  • Function/label mirroring
  • Now using the Ren’Py 6.18.x branch
  • More WordPress changes