Monthly Archives: January 2015

TeamSpeak 3 Update

For those of you that use our TeamSpeak 3 server (regardless of reason):

We will be running (more regular) maintenance on the servers. While you should not notice connection problems, clients that have not connected in the last 90 days will be set as Unverified, and therefore lose their server groups.

Project Exist v0.2.7 (1061)

Welp. The first public release of 0.2.7. Not exactly in time for New Years but whatevs.


  • Build/Link/Name: You Are (NOT) Your Own Worst Enemy
  • With this release, it is no longer appropriate to archive previous builds – use the GitHub for getting old builds.

Game Engine/UI:

  • Many behind-the-scenes patches. Most items are not particularly notable.
  • Fixed an issue where mlib did not visually update
  • We actually have (some) art!
  • Glossary update