Monthly Archives: December 2018


I’m not often reflective. Honestly, I think all the reflection I did last New Year’s Eve was “seriously why is Christmas music still playing, this is ridiculous”.

(I’m fully aware that in my slice of the planet that it’s still December 30th. Humor me.)

The concept of a “year” as a reflective milestone isn’t something that ever made sense to me. “Hey, 365.24 days have passed/the Earth did it’s thing/the alcohol I ingested on December 25th has worn off, let’s think about the past/present/future/self-improvement” just seems like a weird thought. And yet, here I am.

I’m generally against selfish resolutions. Internally, I’ve built a repeating thought to just “be a better person than yesterday, be a better person than yesterday, be a better person than yesterday”, almost as if it’s a traditional Korean chant (it’s not, I checked). But I think this year, I resolve to be less lonely.

That’s a bit hypocritical given my other views on New Year’s resolutions; problem versus solution. We resolve to lose weight, but we don’t necessarily envision all of the steps needed to get there; daily exercise, diet changes, better sleep patterns, etc. We resolve to spend last time playing video games, and same problem; we don’t know how much time we’re cutting out or what we’re going to do instead.

And I don’t know what my solution will be for my resolution. But I hope to find out.

If you’re reading this, cheers. Cheers to you, your health, and your success in 2019. I honestly and truly care.