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I’m not often reflective. Honestly, I think all the reflection I did last New Year’s Eve was “seriously why is Christmas music still playing, this is ridiculous”.

(I’m fully aware that in my slice of the planet that it’s still December 30th. Humor me.)

The concept of a “year” as a reflective milestone isn’t something that ever made sense to me. “Hey, 365.24 days have passed/the Earth did it’s thing/the alcohol I ingested on December 25th has worn off, let’s think about the past/present/future/self-improvement” just seems like a weird thought. And yet, here I am.

I’m generally against selfish resolutions. Internally, I’ve built a repeating thought to just “be a better person than yesterday, be a better person than yesterday, be a better person than yesterday”, almost as if it’s a traditional Korean chant (it’s not, I checked). But I think this year, I resolve to be less lonely.

That’s a bit hypocritical given my other views on New Year’s resolutions; problem versus solution. We resolve to lose weight, but we don’t necessarily envision all of the steps needed to get there; daily exercise, diet changes, better sleep patterns, etc. We resolve to spend last time playing video games, and same problem; we don’t know how much time we’re cutting out or what we’re going to do instead.

And I don’t know what my solution will be for my resolution. But I hope to find out.

If you’re reading this, cheers. Cheers to you, your health, and your success in 2019. I honestly and truly care.

Proof that Nolan’s Just Another Human

Too wired to sleep, too tired to work (it’s 4AM). So I ended up going through my old Facebook messages – a little trip down memory lane.

I’m amazed by three things, really:
1) How many Facebook accounts have closed.
2) How little my “old best friends” keep in contact with me. [I’m not saying that they should, nor am I saying that I feel entitled to human contact. I’m simply amazed/surprised.]
3) Who I used to be. [Which somehow, isn’t all that different from who I am now.]

4 years’ worth of messages… I “archived” about 70% of them, and there’s a lot I’d give to permanently forget about some of them. My old (current?) “crushes”, group projects that could have gone much better (admittedly, or much worse), people with whom I didn’t get along well with, and so on.

Of course, there’s an old saying that goes “everything happens for a reason”. Which I find to be a bit silly, mostly because the implication is along the lines of “bad things happen for good reasons”.

If I were to say “there was an earthquake in Emerald City and 20 people died – that happened for a good reason” I’d sound like a masochist or something. Unless the reason I had in mind was “the tectonic plates shifted”. In that case, I’d just sound stupid. Obviously it’s a bit pompous to compare my past to natural disasters, but in the context of the old saying, the analogy stands.
“computer broke” “happened for a reason”

Okay I lied, there’s a fourth thing:
4a) The subject matter of the messages.
4b) That’s still all I really message people for – or get messaged for.

It was always homework, or school-related, or me “checking in” on someone I’d like to know better.
It’s never really been “hey, I’m feeling lonely right now, up for a chat” or “would you like to get lunch, like, right now”.
It’s always been (and still is) “what were we supposed to read” or “hey, I need help with the homework” – regardless of whether I’m sending or receiving the message.

Does all of this make me a strange sort of shut-in, or just another college student that doesn’t quite have his psyche together? Or one of the oddball high school kids that couldn’t keep his friends? Ah, well. I am who I am, I guess.

… I’m a bit more awake now. I guess I’ll work on Project Exist a little, then.


Twitter Heads-Up

Small ProjEx game updates (such as version 1981 to 1982 within 0.2.9) or TeamSpeak server updates are going to be posted to just Twitter. You likely won’t see anymore TeamSpeak server updates here, but you may see small game updates posted here depending on how “cool” the update is.

In short, you’ll see the following on Twitter:

  • Small or large ProjEx game updates
  • When a new article is posted to this blog
  • Quotes from characters
  • Changes on the ProjEx wiki
  • A relatively quick way to get a hold of me if I’m not on the TeamSpeak server
  • Other surprises!


Ren’Py/Sublime Text Happiness!

If you use Sublime Text and if you use Ren’Py, I committed some changes to koroshiya’s RenpyLanguage plugin for Sublime which fixes some complaints from previous users. So, you can keep yourself busy with your own Ren’Py game while you wait for v0.2.8.

  • Definitions using the “$” are now highlighted even if there’s whitespace preceding them
  • Multi-line quotes are no longer broken. That is, dialogue on multiple lines are now correctly highlighted.
  • CMD+B/I/U now correctly add {b}/{i}/{u} tags on Mac OS X.

Go get it!


TeamSpeak 3 Update

For those of you that use our TeamSpeak 3 server (regardless of reason):

We will be running (more regular) maintenance on the servers. While you should not notice connection problems, clients that have not connected in the last 90 days will be set as Unverified, and therefore lose their server groups.

Project Exist v0.2.7 (1061)

Welp. The first public release of 0.2.7. Not exactly in time for New Years but whatevs.


  • Build/Link/Name: You Are (NOT) Your Own Worst Enemy
  • With this release, it is no longer appropriate to archive previous builds – use the GitHub for getting old builds.

Game Engine/UI:

  • Many behind-the-scenes patches. Most items are not particularly notable.
  • Fixed an issue where mlib did not visually update
  • We actually have (some) art!
  • Glossary update