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Twitter Heads-Up

Small ProjEx game updates (such as version 1981 to 1982 within 0.2.9) or TeamSpeak server updates are going to be posted to just Twitter. You likely won’t see anymore TeamSpeak server updates here, but you may see small game updates posted here depending on how “cool” the update is.

In short, you’ll see the following on Twitter:

  • Small or large ProjEx game updates
  • When a new article is posted to this blog
  • Quotes from characters
  • Changes on the ProjEx wiki
  • A relatively quick way to get a hold of me if I’m not on the TeamSpeak server
  • Other surprises!


Ren’Py/Sublime Text Happiness!

If you use Sublime Text and if you use Ren’Py, I committed some changes to koroshiya’s RenpyLanguage plugin for Sublime which fixes some complaints from previous users. So, you can keep yourself busy with your own Ren’Py game while you wait for v0.2.8.

  • Definitions using the “$” are now highlighted even if there’s whitespace preceding them
  • Multi-line quotes are no longer broken. That is, dialogue on multiple lines are now correctly highlighted.
  • CMD+B/I/U now correctly add {b}/{i}/{u} tags on Mac OS X.

Go get it!


TeamSpeak 3 Update

For those of you that use our TeamSpeak 3 server (regardless of reason):

We will be running (more regular) maintenance on the servers. While you should not notice connection problems, clients that have not connected in the last 90 days will be set as Unverified, and therefore lose their server groups.

Project Exist v0.2.7 (1061)

Welp. The first public release of 0.2.7. Not exactly in time for New Years but whatevs.


  • Build/Link/Name: You Are (NOT) Your Own Worst Enemy
  • With this release, it is no longer appropriate to archive previous builds – use the GitHub for getting old builds.

Game Engine/UI:

  • Many behind-the-scenes patches. Most items are not particularly notable.
  • Fixed an issue where mlib did not visually update
  • We actually have (some) art!
  • Glossary update

A or B? Why not Both? Project Exist 0.2.6b (1056)

I’m a strong believer in redundancy – in other words, decreasing the number things that could possibly go wrong. One of the more behind-the-scenes changes is that we now have Python functions that use Ren’Py labels.

Labels are faster to write and somewhat curiously, Characters and functions use the same namespace, but functions and labels don’t. So we’ve done something like the following:

Functions and Labels at work

Functions and Labels at work

#both of these will work
call triple_min(2)#calls label
$ triple_min(2)#calls python function


  • Use the in-game updater to get 1056 – Gateway Mirrors

Game Engine/UI:

  • Doublespeak has been further fixed to work with rollback
  • Function/label mirroring
  • Now using the Ren’Py 6.18.x branch
  • More WordPress changes

Project Exist 0.2.6b (1053)

Today marks the first 0.2.6b release. That’s important because I said so.


Game Engine/UI:

  • PlaceholderX is now present in the engine, and is used.
  • We modified Shiz’s doublespeak – the version in this build can be found here.
  • An issue with Robert/Rin was fixed.