Project Exist 0.2.3b

All of Project Exist:.

  • The new game build is titled “Coldfixup” for now, please use the in-game updater.


  • Added application
  • Moved Previous Builds to Other Links


  • Fixed Memories of Ultraman 7 formatting
  • Added this


  • See Wiki1


  • Version is now 0.1.1
  • begin_game() is slightly more thorough
  • added filify_string(given_message, magic_folder, magic_file), which returns string if given a UTF-8 encoded file.
  • added kill_save(savename), which deletes a save.
  • added freaking_delete_every_external_file_associated_with_this(). What it does is left as an exercise to the reader.
  • added label reset_button. (freaking…() should not be called directly)

Game Engine/UI:

  • Fixed loading an NVL screen within an NVL context within some other context by use of “centered” instead of actual NVL.
  • Slightly changed the way the debug menu works.
  • Several non-working menus removed

Game Story:

  • Absolutely nothing notable.

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