Project Exist 0.2.5b


All of Project Exist:

  • Implemented secrets.


  • Now running WordPress 3.9.2
  • Various under-the-hood plug-ins updated.


  • We mostly left Wiki1 alone.


  • Added a ridiculous (12?) number of templates.
  • Finished Athena’s page.
  • Conceptualized the Project Exist page, which details Lawrence’s ulterior motives.

Game Engine/UI:

  • Wallet works slightly differently
  • Thorium made our wtf_iorpy_magic module safer.
  • wtf_iorpy_magic now can delete the complete save directory; both the one Ren’Py makes by itself, and the one wtf_iorpy_magic makes by default
  • Episode markers
  • Athena’s parameters were changed to prevent a very embarrassing exception
  • Countdown now includes a bar, it will be colored by 0.3.0 hopefully
  • Implemented the MusicRoom (but badly)
  • Added two songs from AgentAbacus and Nihilore

Game Story:

  • Small branching point continuation

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