Well, the long and short of it is, we need your help! This is a no-obligation application; you don’t have to join the team if you are accepted, and you may feel free to leave the team at any time. Also do note that you will never need to meet another team member in person (unless desired).


Fields marked with a * are required.

These are listed in order from what we need the most to what we need the least. Don’t worry about resumés or samples; we will ask for those later.

It is assumed that everyone will be a proofreader, either with another task or not.  This entails previewing builds before they are released to the public, and providing feedback. No experience or samples are necessary, but bonus points if you know how to use TeamSpeak 3 and IRC.

Graphic artists (we’re begging here!) are responsible for producing in-game assets. This does not mean creating images for the in-game graphical interface, but does mean creating sprites for characters and if possible, scene backgrounds. A portfolio is required.

Writers are responsible for tweaking character profiles and adding content to the in-game script. For this reason, 1 week of programming experience (or a bit of patience) is preferred, and a writing sample is requested, but not required.

Executives are responsible for public relations (this blog), and for “checking in” with at least one other team member (which will be assigned to them), which may mean delegating tasks. They should be on the TeamSpeak 3 server if they are not busy. A resumé of sorts would be appreciated, but not necessary.

Designers are responsible specifically for re-designing the in-game graphical interface and tweaking character profiles. A resumé of sorts would be appreciated, but not necessary.

Music artists are responsible for re-arranging works that have been chosen to be adapted for Project Exist, or composing their own works. Actual audio files are optional; the script is the important thing. A portfolio is requested, although at minimum, a sample work of 1 minute or longer is required.

While we are not looking for webmasters, they are responsible for making sure that MediaWiki and WordPress continue to function. A resumé of sorts would be appreciated, but not necessary.

We also are not looking for programmers, they are responsible for tweaking wtf_iorpy_magic (if need be), cleaning-up each others code, and updating any other side-engines.

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